Our women of the future – the world needs their voice.

Now is the time

This positive impact will ripple across their lives as they transition into careers, relationships, communities and developed self-identities, where speaking up in small and big moments shape their lives for the better.

In our uniquely facilitated group setting where students connect with each other openly, honestly and compassionately, the flow-on effect is improved peer culture and mental health.

We want your school community to be able to engage and support one another even after we’ve left the room – on the playground, in class, and at home. That’s why we’ve got some not-your-average workshops for teachers and parents too.

Teachers and parents tell us again and again: “I wish I had this growing up.”

No topic is too taboo

Mature yet relatable, perceptive yet down-to-earth – our master facilitators can safely guide conversations on all teenager subjects that arise: gendered expectations, body image issues, anxiety, bullying, self-harm, mental health, periods, sexual health, wellbeing and happiness, family and family expectations, social media, intimacy and relationships.

Let's change the stats

Tomorrow Woman’s workshops unpack the unrealistic expectations placed on young women, and guide them to develop their most powerful voice.

47% of females aged 16-24 experienced a mental disorder

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Females aged 15-19 had the highest rate of hospitalisation for intentional self-harm compared to other groups, almost doubling since 2008-09

Diagram showing 1 in 4 people

Almost 1 in 4 females aged 16-34 had self-harmed in their lifetime

We need a better tomorrow. And it starts with having conversations that we need to have, but many of us aren’t sure how to.

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