We want our sportswomen of the future to feel powerful – inside and out.

“It was a really great night and the topics and activities throughout the workshop will help our team progress through to the finals being able to open up and be honest with each other in a non-judgmental way.”

- MTTG Participant, Ramettes AFL

Tomorrow Woman’s workshops disrupt outdated stereotypes of women, and help them to develop their most powerful voice in life and sports.

In More Than The Game and More Than The Athlete, we invite you to speak up and have daring conversations. Your team and club will build team trust and connect on a deeper level, creating a better off-field experience that leads to better on-field performance.

Let’s strengthen our societies

We believe in healthy club culture. When our participants gain self-confidence, emotional resilience and improved team morale, they have more positive and meaningful community relations. This can lead to an increase in the community’s physical health, and sense of belonging, pride and purpose, while reducing risky and unsafe behaviours.

No topic is too taboo

Mature yet relatable, perceptive yet down-to-earth – our master facilitators can safely guide conversations on all teenager subjects that arise: gendered expectations, body image issues, anxiety, bullying, self-harm, mental health, periods, sexual health, wellbeing and happiness, family and family expectations, social media, intimacy and relationships.

Our Sports Modules

The modules are intended to be run in chronological order, ideally within the same season. This allows us to build upon the learnings each workshop.

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Module 01 /
More than the game

Our signature sporting workshop aims to relieve the pressure placed on women, by highlighting and challenging the narrow expectations placed on women and supporting individual voice and choice.

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The health of team and club culture is crucial. In this immersive two-hour workshop, More Than The Game allows women in sports some needed time-out to have the conversations that’ll bring everyone closer together. 

Participants will:

  • Unpack the outdated gender stereotypes that’s often destructive to team and club culture
  • Explore their internal pressures of being a woman, in a highly-safe, non-judgemental space
  • Learn how to build trust both on and off the field 
  • Explore how to look after not only themselves better, but also their friends, teammates, families and wider community
  • Create their own version of the Aussie sportsperson

We help participants to gain:

  • Self-confidence and resilience
  • Improved team morale
  • Strengthened club culture and performance

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Module 02 /
More Than The Athlete (individual)

This workshop aims to discover and highlight individual personalities and identities to strengthen team unity. By understanding and valuing each team member's unique strengths and attributes, the team can foster a more inclusive and collaborative environment.

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This recognition not only boosts individual confidence but also enhances team cohesion. When players feel seen and appreciated for who they are, they are more likely to invest in the team's collective goals and support one another on and off the field. This deeper unity can lead to improved communication, reduced conflicts, and ultimately, better performance during games.

Participants will:

  • Identify and acknowledge what limits connection and authenticity
  • Learn strategies to shift away from judgement  
  • Experience opportunities to showcase their unique perspective and experiences
  • Challenge the judgement in the room and own their difference
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the diversity in the room

We help participants to gain:

  • Enhanced self-awareness and interpersonal dynamics
  • Increased individuality through anti-judgment strategies and authentic self-expression
  • Increased inclusivity and collaboration by celebrating team diversity

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What they say

“This has been perfect timing to give our club this skill set and understanding and I know we can continue to commit to growing and understanding each other better because of this workshop!”

- MTTG Participant, Coolbinia

“We haven’t stopped talking about it. Feeling that sense of ‘closeness’ between both the netballers and the female footballers I think is so, so valuable. Not ever really having a conversation with the footballers before, I felt I walked out of there with 15 more good girlfriends. Getting more of these tools I can then pass on to my young daughter is honestly invaluable.”

- MTTG Participant

Let’s change the stats

In 2021, researchers from Victoria University's Institute for Health and Sport began a comprehensive study on the mental health and wellbeing of Australian women athletes in professional sports. While we wait for those new findings, older studies found that:

Almost half of elite athletes experience at least one mental health symptom

Elite athletes are significantly more likely to report 'high to very high' psychological distress compared to the general public (17.15% vs 9.5%)

The peak age for females to stop playing sport in Australia is 15 years old, with 31% attributing stopping sports to body insecurities.

For a better tomorrow, we need to have more conversations about the state of women in sports, but many of us aren’t sure how to. That’s where Tomorrow Woman comes in.

Where this fits within our Community Activation

Tomorrow Woman’s Community Activation model is a holistic approach to creating sustained social change. Each workshop is a positive step toward reshaping communities. Find out more.

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