Meet Paige,
Tomorrow Woman CoFounder & CEO

I am a 39-year-old, mother, founder, sister, wife, friend, educated, white privileged woman. Born to a single mother who fought tirelessly for a better life for herself and her children, who raised me to truly believe I could be and do anything. However, despite all this...I felt the constraints of being a woman. I have felt the pressure to live up to the unrealistic and relentless standards.

I have also experienced the darkside of being a woman - I’ve been groped, grabbed, stalked, and assaulted. I’ve been yelled at, called names, and even spat on. I’ve feared walking at night and now, even in the day. I’ve been labeled a slut, dramatic, sensitive and ironically too assertive. I’ve been conditioned to believe it is my primary role to care for the children, the house, the food - I constantly feel the weight of the mental load.

My male partners over the years no matter their careers have always earned more than me and have always had more in super. I’ve not spoken up and shared parts of myself all too often out of fear of not getting it right or not being worthy enough to contribute, but this is not unique to me. This is many women’s daily reality. Too often when you share one of the above stories with another woman they will tell you theirs.... because we all have them.

My whole life I was surrounded by incredible women, yet in varying degrees we were all missing out, not speaking up, not living life to the fullest. Whether it was not going for a job because they didn't feel 100% qualified or that they constantly felt less than, not pretty enough, skinny enough - just never enough or our voices were not being heard and it was everywhere I looked.

Six years ago I started Tomorrow Woman because I wanted women to have a voice, to have the tools to speak up, to change the narrative. So that the women of today could hopefully have space to dream and learn ways to support building their own tomorrow.We have a long way to go but I genuinely believe the work we do at Tomorrow Woman is one small step in the bigger picture of creating long lasting change.

- Paige, Mother, Tomorrow Woman Cofounder and CEO, Advocate, Feminist


When women trust their voice and dare to speak up, their power expands in all areas of their life. When women listen with curiosity and compassion, they strengthen the support systems they need. When women aren’t limited by what they’re “supposed to be”, they get to author their tomorrow.

What we do

Led by master facilitators, Tomorrow Woman runs high-participatory workshops that guide young and adult women to unapologetically raise their voice beyond the limiting expectations placed on them. Our facilitators do this by weaving depth, humour, and vulnerability, to empower each person to share and learn through each other’s personal stories. Every workshop is different. That’s because it’s the participants who guide the conversations, and it’s our facilitators who can reframe and enrich what’s happening on the spot.


Everyone is born with a voice. But most girls are socialised to quieten this voice from fear of being “too much”, or saying the “wrong thing” and looking imperfect. They often apologise for taking up space.This can have a real, rippling impact over their lifetime: loss of identity, low self-worth, self-harm, loneliness, relationship abuse, too few leadership roles. When girls and women lose, society loses too. Our classrooms and boardrooms are yearning for a wider breadth of intelligent and intuitive minds at the table.That’s why Tomorrow Woman exists.

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Personal &
Team Growth

We’re a Deliberately Developmental Organisation. To do what we do, regular facilitator training is a must. This includes cross-pollination learning between Tomorrow Woman, Tomorrow Man and Tomorrow Architects.


Creating a highly safe and supportive environment is our priority, so we are attentive to each person’s needs. Our exercises may explore the edges of discomfort for positive transformation, but without crossing personal boundaries.


We come from diverse backgrounds, and everyone has their own stories to share. In our workshops, masks are dropped as all stories, thoughts and emotions are welcome. This takes guts. And we’re willing to go there.


This cause is what drives us. With the gender pay gap still over 13%, levels of intentional self-harm hospitalisations tripling over the last 10 years in young girls and 1 in 4 women experiencing sexual violence in their lifetime there is still work to do.


Within each participant. Within the wider community. Tomorrow Woman isn’t just here for feel-good hits. Through our Community Activations, we’re activating real, actionable change that starts with a conversation