We embody expertise, refusing to play small, taking up space, and speaking our minds

In workshops we share weighty tales of transformation, achieving our targets in both numbers and impact. The participants are the heroines of this story.

We're fired up, holding each other accountable, even during the juicy, tough convos. We will pull back from pace and lean into softness when the work and space calls for it. We will embrace our feminine and continue mastering the balance of our masculine.

What’s the difference?

Facilitation is what sets Tomorrow Woman apart. Each of our master facilitators has a ‘special something’. You feel it when they’re in the room. They genuinely lean in with open arms and ready ears, able to engage a group setting of 10 or 100 and connect with women whether they’re aged 16 or 60. We’re continuously trained.

The nature of this work means that facilitators are also on their own personal development journey. It’s important that we grow in both life and work, to have the rich set of skills and awareness needed to run our unique workshops. Know the difference between “facilitators” (what we actually do) and “presenters” (what we don’t really do) here.

Safety first always

At Tomorrow Woman, our facilitators undergo rigorous training to navigate the intricate landscape of human emotions and group dynamics. Safety is paramount, and that's why every one of our facilitators completes comprehensive training in mental health first aid, ASIST (suicide risk assessment), diversity and inclusion, and trauma-informed practices.

Practise over perfection

Our content is highly interactive and experiential, allowing participants to use the workshops as a training ground to enhance their capabilities without the fear of getting it wrong. We ensure that everyone has the opportunity to engage actively and apply what they learn in a practical and meaningful manner.

We don’t have all the answers, but we can help find them

We don't just deliver information; we facilitate transformative experiences that meet participants exactly where they are. Our approach empowers individuals to embark on self-discovery journeys that leave a lasting impact, enabling them to achieve higher levels of self-awareness, connection, and personal agency.

Our facilitation expertise allows us to guide participants to unearth their own answers. We're not here to lecture on rights and wrongs. The objective is to create an environment that fosters personal discoveries about behaviours and traits that will prove most constructive and healthy for each individual.

Through our workshops, we guide participants in practicing expansive models of emotionally resilient behaviours within their peer dynamic. This helps them strengthen their emotional resilience and develop skills that will serve them well in every aspect of their lives.

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As part of the Tomorrow Collective, we have a unique opportunity to cross-pollinate our understanding of the human condition with our partners at Tomorrow Architects. With over 15 years of experience pushing the boundaries of human development and facilitation, we remain at the forefront of innovation.

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