Wellbeing Requirements

Tomorrow Woman values the safety and wellbeing of participants above all else. Our wellbeing requirements aim to ensure a supportive environment is provided for all participants before, during and after our workshops enabling them to get the most out of the content and activities. Please ensure there is a delegated staff member who can support this process.

More information regarding our commitment to child safety and access to our policy can be found on our website under Child Safety Standards.

Delegated Staff Member

We require a staff member to be present at the workshop. The responsibility of the staff member is to support the well-being of the participants during and following the workshop if required. Where possible we recommend a male member of staff be present for our Tomorrow Man workshops and a female member of staff be present for our Tomorrow Woman workshops.

Participant Wellbeing

Before the workshops, we will conduct a pre-briefing call where we ask that you please provide us with any identified needs or concerns regarding the participants.

Identified needs or concerns may include the following:

  • Participants who are vulnerable due to recent trauma or loss, mental health, family breakdown, or other life circumstances
  • Participants who may find the workshop content challenging due to a learning difficulty or disability
  • A significant issue which has affected the whole group, for example, the loss of a student, club member or community member.
  • A potential issue within the group dynamic that may influence the workshop, for example, bullying or conflict
  • Any student who has recently come out as a member of the LGBTIQA+ communities – particularly where that student is not being accepted by members of the school community (students and staff)

NOTE: We ask that you do not ‘out’ students on suspicion of a queer identity and only flag this with us where bullying and/or social isolation is present so we can be aware of this in the workshops.

If there are any disclosures or points of concern that emerge during the workshops, our Facilitators conduct a debrief and handover with the teacher in the room at the time as well as checking in with the participant/s before they leave the workshop.

If the disclosure is of a more serious concern related to child safety standards relevant to each state we operate in, Facilitators complete an incident report which is sent to the State Program Manager for forwarding to the school or sporting club for follow up.

Where incidents occur in relation to homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, or other systemic matters, the Tomorrow team can provide contacts with external and government stakeholders who may be best placed to provide support after the workshops have finished. (E.g. Safe Schools, Minus18, Human Rights Commissions etc.)

Participant Briefing and Opt Out

Tomorrow Woman recommends briefing all participants of the workshop to provide transparency of the context and desired outcomes of our work and provide participants with the right to opt out before it’s delivery.

Last updated: April 2023