Every Woman

Presentation? Nope. Women’s circle? Not really. Mostly, we’re here to have a different kind of conversation.

“Apart from a wonderful reconnection and sense of being part of our community of women, I feel like I have a new powerful tool to be able to hold space for others and myself.”

– Gather participant

How often do we connect with someone on a deeper level than “How are you?” “Great!” Women have been gathering for support for aeons, but it’s increasingly hard for us to meaningfully connect in a high-tech, time-poor society. This gathering fulfils our innate need to belong, and when we do, we live happier and healthier lives.

Bringing these village vibes back, Tomorrow Woman also runs workshops open to the wider community with the usual beat: guiding women to trust and raise their voice. Whatever your age or background, here’s your invitation to take off all the hats you wear and participate in our signature exercises, while gaining deeper connections and reflections along the way.

We don’t do ‘talks’ or presentations. In these engaging group settings, our master facilitators make all the difference, ensuring even the quietest of voices feel safe and empowered to be heard.

The Magic

We’re humbled to witness this every time. When women from all paths come together and share each other’s stories, we receive that rare cross-generational connection and wisdom, and the collective power of ‘I’m not alone’.

every woman Modules

The modules are intended to be run in chronological order, ideally within the same season. This allows us to build upon the learnings each workshop and create a consistent experience for the participants.

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A two-hour workshop that meaningfully brings together women of all ages for powerful conversations, run in-person or online. 

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A high-tech, time-poor society means we’re having fewer moments to connect face-to-face with each other on a deeper level. Gather is putting the village vibes back into our local communities, through the exchange of personal stories in a facilitated group setting.

Come alone, or bring a friend, colleague, daughter, mother, grandmother, sister and any other special women in your life for a different night out. 

You will:

  • Unpack the history, expectations, and important statistics of being a woman, including the issues that we face every day
  • Practise how to check in with each other in a more meaningful and honest way, in a highly safe, non-judgemental space
  • Practise listening to others with curiosity and compassion
  • Explore authentic self-expression through varied exercises
  • Have a great night out!

We help you to gain:

  • Self-confidence and strengthened resilience
  • Connectedness to other women in your local community
  • Tools, practice, and a sense of empowerment to author your tomorrow

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In a world where women are expected to have and do it all, mums carry a huge load. As women, we don’t want to lose our sense of identity and as mums, we want to give our kids the best possible life, then you throw in all the other things like partners, family and work. It’s no wonder we sometimes feel overwhelmed.

Motherload is judgement-free space to be HEARD. Timeout to practise taking off your 'mum' hat, and the internal and external pressures and expectations that come with it.

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You’ll establish quick and meaningful connections with other mums. Have some laughs, maybe shed a tear and leave a little lighter with tools to help you find the balance between #metime and #mumming

Let’s be clear. This is not another thing to do; this is time for you.

Together we will:

  • Identify and share the mental load that comes with motherhood, fostering a sense of collective understanding and relief.
  • Recognise and counteract negative self-talk, allowing for a more self-compassionate approach to motherhood.
  • Understand the importance of seeking and accepting support, learning to articulate needs and accept help from others, lightening the load often carried alone.
  • Reflect on the journey into motherhood, considering our own needs and desires, not only as mothers but as women. This is an opportunity for self-discovery and self-care within the context of motherhood, fostering connections and empowering women to find balance between self-care and nurturing their families.

We help participants to gain:

  • Self-reflection skills.
  • New connections with other mothers who face similar challenges  
  • Skills in managing the mental load of motherhood
  • Self-compassion skills to boost confidence and combat negative self-talk

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What they say

“Tonight was exceptional. The way you ladies carry yourselves and show up with the ability to allow us all to feel safe, seen and supported. Every single woman in the world needs to experience that once in their lifetime.”

– Gather participant

“By the end of the workshop I felt like these women I had only met briefly were my friends, and we’d shared something meaningful together.”

– Gather participant

“Authentic conversations with strangers is so moving and powerful.”

– Gather participant

“The venue and vibe that Em and CoMHAT created made the event feel like a great night out but your facilitation and workshop really made it special. You engaged us from the start and made sure everyone, even the shy introverts, had an opportunity to share."

– Gather participant

“The way you made the younger girls feel as valuable as they should was wonderful and I reckon that is the most I've heard my daughter speak voluntarily, let alone in a group of new people."

– Gather participant

Face-to-face or via Zoom?

Both are equally impactful as our facilitators are also well-trained to engage online group settings – yes, even beyond those tech mishaps! Just ask.


To organise or find the next Gather event, check out our calendar. If you have any questions, email us at workshops@tomorrowwoman.com.au.

Let’s change the stats

In 2021, researchers from Victoria University's Institute for Health and Sport began a comprehensive study on the mental health and wellbeing of Australian women athletes in professional sports. While we wait for those new findings, older studies found that:

Almost half of elite athletes experience at least one mental health symptom

The psychological distress of women aged 15–24 and 55–64 has increased dramatically in the last 10 years.

Where this fits within our Community Activation

Tomorrow Woman’s Community Activation model is a holistic approach to creating sustained social change. Each workshop is a positive step toward reshaping communities. Find out more.

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